couch back cushion, the most comfortable reading cushion in Germany, you need that for reading in bed

carl: I already received my reading pillow and it's so amazing. The wedge pillow is vacuum-packed in a two-ply plastic bag, which protects the pillow from dust and water during shipping, and is delivered in a sturdy cardboard box. Fortunately, I can see additional filling, buttons, and even a long needle sent with the item for adjustments or repairs if necessary. This is very thoughtful and thank you VERCART. When I take the pillow out of my pocket, it quickly becomes fluffier and bigger. However, there are some small wrinkles on the pillowcase and it takes more time to become full and smooth. Then I massage the pillow for a while (the harder I do it, the fluffier the pillow becomes). Now I get great back support when reading or watching TV in bed. I definitely recommend it to everyone!

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couch rückenkissen couch kissen groß


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Product specification classification


Size: 45cm, 60cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm, 160cm, 180cm, 494cm
Colour: Azure, brown, dark blue, gray, jeans blue, purple, rusty orange, red
Logistics: Fast delivery from Polish warehouse
Brand Name: VERCART
Material composition: Corduroy and polyester blend ,Linen and polyester blend , Velvet and polyester blend
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