VERCART comfort neck roll neck pillow

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    • Ergonomic Neck Pillow: This round neck roll pillow adapts to the natural curvature of your spine and can support your head, neck or lumbar spine by reducing back pain and developing sleeping habits. The pillow roll can be used as a knee or leg pillow to improve blood circulation, as a body pillow between the legs for better sleep on the side or as a lumbar pillow behind the back for comfortable support
    • Comfortable Yoga Bolster: If you are into yoga, meditation, or rest, this yoga roll is an ideal choice for supporting your body and promoting healthy yoga postures for relaxation purposes. It can also be used as a massage pad to relieve pressure on the waist and back
    • Decorative Waist Pillow: Classic colors and exquisite jacquard craftsmanship set it apart from ordinary bolsters. As a decorative waist pillow on the sofa or bed, it fits perfectly into your living style
    • High quality materials: Our neck pillow is filled with high quality polyester fiber, which provides sufficient support, offers long-lasting comfort and ensures that the pillow shape does not deform. The pillow case of this yoga bolster is removable and washable
    • Two optional sizes (length x diameter): 21 x 8 inches and 39 x 8 inches. The smaller pillow with a bolster fits on two sides of the sofa. And the larger one can be placed on the bed or sofa as a neck pillow, lumbar pillow, massage pillow, cervical pillow or simply as a decorative pillow roll.